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Cross Platform Sharing (XMLs, SportsCode, XLS, Opta )

With Nacsport you can import .XML files from other systems with timeline based products. You can also export your .NAC databases to .XML files.

From Basic Plus onwards.






Import SportsCode or Gamebreaker timelines

(Available in Nacsport Scout Plus, Pro Plus and Elite.)



Export to XLS with descriptors in preset order (format 3)



 Nacsport and Opta Integration

This video shows how easy it is to view and work with the data and video you receive from Opta services. Using Nacsport, you can filter the data you want to review in a timeline, and use the powerful and unique graphic user interface to see a better representation of  your games



Multiple XML Import into Nacsport

In this video, you see how to easily import multiple XML files into Nacsport so that you can create a single timeline with the data from all the files.
( The XML and video files used here are typical of the OPTA service provided to Rugby League clubs )