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Data matrix (categories/descriptors)

The matrix tool shows you a grid comparing your Categories and Descriptors. You can use it to see how many specific actions have appeared, click those numbers to watch the corresponding registers then easily add those registers to a presentation window for example. The data in the matrix can also be saved as a picture or exported into Excel.

A good tip for your matrix is to pre-set it's order with the template you use. When editing a template, click the matrix button that shows and drag and drop your ros and columns to set how these should always appear in the timeline and matrix when you use the template.


Dynamic matrix (review based on time periods)

With Dynamic Matrix, you can see results in your matrix that are based on specific periods of your timeline.


 Multiple matrix

Users will be able to create a multiple matrix with registers from different events. For instance, all matches from a season. ( Available in Nacsport Scout Plus, Nacsport Pro Plus and Nacsport Elite )

In Nacsport Scout Plus, users will be able to open up to 5 databases together in the matrix. In Nacsport Pro Plus and Nacsport Elite, unlimited databases.







Submatrix (matrix from another matrix)

The Submatrix tool lets you compare descriptors against each other within a category.


Custom matrix

You can set a specific structure for your matrix that loads instantly when selected. This tool lets you show/hide specific categories and descriptors.