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Tips for Nacsport workflows

Calculating ball possesion

This video tutorial will show you the steps to follow if you want to measure the ball possession in terms of time and percentage. You will learn how to create the category buttons and the corresponding dashboard, how to register them and how to check data & clips from the timeline.



The following video's show how you can easily create powerful feedback resources using Nacsport video analysis software. The workflow's shown below look at using the information from our analysed game's to automatically update a dashboard output of key statistics from each game. Using this resource along with further exploring the analysed footage is a really good workflow for putting together presentations and powerful feedback resources which can easily be shared throughout your team to improve performance by identifying, then highlighting strengths and weaknesses.The software version used is Nacsport Basic Plus . Please contact us if you would like a free trial of Basic Plus, when we can also provide you with the template files and instructions on how to use them so you can carry out these workflow's too.


Rugby Stats Output Workflow


Football Stats Output Workflow