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Advanced Template Features

This Article shows you some of the advanced template features found in the professional versions of Nacsport software.

Advanced template tools ( Available in Scout Plus, Pro Plus and Nacsport Elite )


Clustered buttons ( Available in Nacsport Pro Plus and Elite )


 Change button names from external file (.txt or .csv) ( Available in Nacsport Elite )


Show clips by clicking the counter ( Available in Pro Plus and Elite. In Nacsport Elite, you can use this feature in real time )


Preselect descriptors for next category ( Available in Nacsport Elite )


 Block descriptors from a category ( Available in Nacsport Elite )


Select 'all' descriptors to block ( Available in Nacsport Elite )


 Preselect descriptors for next category ( Available in Nacsport Elite )


 Point action category

With the score categories, the program automatically provides the scoreboard of the event at the selected recording moment. It will appear in the timeline and in the register properties window.


Wild card button

This button allows you to start registering an action which has not been identified at first glance. Then, once identified, the user will be able to finish the action’s recording by pressing the chosen corresponding category button in the template.
Example: In a basketball game, a play is running but we are not sure which system is being used. We start registering with our wild card button and once we have recognised that system, we will press the category button for that system. By doing so, the beginning and end of the register will be more accurate. ( Available in Nacsport Elite )


Graphical decriptors ( Available from the Pro Plus version of Nacsport )

Graphical descriptors are descriptors with images, usually fields, pitch, courts, etc. They act like normal descriptors and they help to localise actions in different positions or places within the game. You can review this interactive output in the timeline environment too.