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Get the most out of Nacsport’s Drawing Tool


The Drawing Tool –which is in all Nacsport programs - allows users to convey ideas or messages in a clear, easy and descriptive way. In this post, we will reveal some tips to get the most out of this tool. 

A picture is worth a thousand words.Working with videos helps with communication. You can enhance this further with drawings, so it’s best to make them good ones!

Use KlipDraw tools. If you feel that the standard Nacsport palette does not fill all your needs, you can integrate the KlipDraw tools for further detail. They provide you more options to create professional drawings and are absolutely recommended.



Choose the right moment. Drawings focus your attention on specific parts of a freeze frame.A drawing just before something happens will make your audience understand it more clearly. If you precede the moment too soon, the message will not be as efficient as if it was inserted at the right moment.

Vary colours. Colours are useful and help viewers to quickly associate with concepts if they have the same colours each team. Choose the same colour for players from each side (if the colour matches with their kit, even better) to identify them better for example.



Edit polygons. Have you already explored the possibilities the “Edit points” tool can give you? You can move or add points in shapes to create new ones. For instance, if you want to simulate a football goal in perspective, you can edit the four corners of a square.



Avoid an overload of information. Trying to insert lots of drawings in one frame is not a good idea. It could divert attention from what is really important. Be brief and clear. If the drawings in one frame aren’t enough to convey your point, make another drawing frame shortly after to help.

Add texts. Drawings do not always explain everything. Sometimes, it can be necessary to include additional text. That’s why the text boxes are there. Use them!



Strokes and paths. Work with different strokes to represent different movements. For instance: dashed lines to show the ball movement, solid lines for player runs and theT-end line for blocks.



Consistency. Set your criteria and stick to it. It’s the easiest way for your audience to quickly understand what you are trying to tell them. 

Highlight things. The Highlight tools is a good one. You can force your viewers to pay attention to certain elements in your frames, as the rest of the frame is shaded.



Save pictures as JPG files. When you finish your drawing, you will have two options to save it. Usually, you add it into the register to watch it along with the video, but you can also save it as a JPG file to be used outside of Nacsport: email it, add it to a presentation or a report etc.