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This environment contains all the registered action shown by categories ( rows ) in an intuitive Timeline in which you can modify your registers, change durations, add notes or drawings , etc. You can also make presentations or produce video to show your registers. 

Working with timeline

This video tutorial explains how to work with Nacsport's timeline and different options to handle your categories and registers.


Double click to rename categories whilst in the timeline envioronment


Synchronise only selected categories

Adjust start / end points of registers and easily move them around the timeline.


Copy a register into a category

With the Ctrl key held, drag and drop your chosen register into the new category. If you want to remove the first register, select it and press the Delete key.


Merge overlapped registers (available on Nacsport Scout Plus, Nacsport Pro Plus Nacsport Elite )


Create a new row with selected registers



Timeline filtered by colours

With the following tool, you will able to hide/show your category rows by colours. The results will be shown in the timeline and matrix.


 Descriptor Calculator

When working in the Timeline Environment the Descriptor Calculator tool will allow you to filter registers according to the difference in time between Descriptors inside them.



Compare actions

Nacsport enables you to analyse technique and / or tactical aspects through the comparison tool. You can compare up to 8 different video sequences at the same time, as well as drawing on them.





 Review from the moment a descriptor appears

Watch a register from the moment a descriptor appears in it, rather than the whole register.


Open multiple tabs of databases for the same video in the timeline

Share work among a team's coaches and staff, where each one can perform the analysis. The professional software of Nacsport enables you to tab between multiple databases from the same video, and data can be obtained from them all at the same time in order to prepare a final presentation. ( Available in Nacsport Scout Plus, Nacsport Pro Plus & Nacsport Elite.)


Search for clips

You can search your actions in more detail by using the Search tool, where you will be able to do the searches by categories or descriptors

To reduce the time you spend even further, you can make this type of search in several matches / databases at the same time. ( Available on Nacsport Pro Plus and Nacsport Elite )

As well, you will be able to save search criteria for future occasions (only in Nacsport Elite).


 Show/hide timeline

In order to maximize your working area during the review stage, this tool allows users to show and hide the Timeline to carry out more comfortable workflows.


Open template in timeline to recode your analysis

With this option you will be able to edit your registers in faster and easier way. To open a button template in timeline right click in the timeline and select the corresponding option.

Now you can add categories by clicking on them in the button template at the moment you want.To add descriptor to already existing registers, select the register you want to add descriptors to and then click on the descriptors you want to add to the selected registers. To add descriptors to multiple registers at once, select the registers you want by keeping pressed the Ctrl key and then click on the descriptor you want. 



Remove unused footage

With this option you can make a video linked to an analysis just using the useful part of the original video. 



Synchronise timeline using a register as a reference