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Creating and working with templates

Categories and descriptors

The buttons created in your template are ordered within two levels in Nacsport. These levels are called Categories (main) and Descriptors (secondary). Categories are general items and Descriptors are like 'adjectives' for these categories.

In order to register actions happening in a sport event, you will need a category template with buttons. You decide how many buttons you want to create (Nacsport Basic & Basic Plus are limited to 25) and how they will act.

These buttons are ordered within two levels: Categories (a general action in sport) and Descriptors (give further information to the category). Please note that Descriptors are only available from Basic Plus onwards.


Learn how to work with them with this video tip.






Exclusion property between buttons in manual mode

Customise category buttons further with the exclusion feature when using manual mode. An action can be registered and at the same time, one or more actions can be excluded. Therefore, one or more actions cannot be registered while other actions are registered. Particularly useful for Possessions!




 Time counter for manual buttons (Available in Nacsport Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus and Nacsport Elite )


Inactive buttons

 Buttons that add design elements to your template and won't add any data to your analysis.


Nicknames for buttons ( Available in Nacsport Scout Plus, Pro Plus and Elite )


Insert images as a background in a template to personalise and better organise your buttons.


Show clips by clicking the counter


 Rating registers

Rate your registers from 1 to 5. With these ratings applied, it is possible to order or filter registers in the timeline for specific viewing. Users can even modify these ratings in the timeline.




Send buttons to front or back in the template

Change how your buttons overlay each other for more powerful templates by sending them to the front or back layer according to your needs.