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Exporting Video

Video export options vary depending on what version of Nacsport is in use.

- 1080 Full HD production (all programs)
- Option to show or not show drawings (all programs)
- Export mulitple lists as separate files (Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus & Elite).

Production options


Adding a logo to an exported video


Transitions for exported videos


Chapter markers in exported MP4 videos ( Available in Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus & Elite )


Frame by frame

You can break up a video into a sequence of frames, the number of which can be configured. You can also draw on them and save them as a sequence of independent images.

This tool is available from Basic Plus onwards. You will be able to turn the frames into an independent video from Scout Plus onwards.


Angles showing in exported videos ( 2 videos Exported in Scout Plus & Pro Plus. 4 videos exported in Elite. )