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Coach Station

 Coach Station. Turn your software into a real-time data receiver


Coach station turns your current software into a real-time data & video receiver. A useful resource to receive data streamed live from a Pro Plus or Elite packages.




How to receive video & data with Coach Station


Step 1. Configuring the transmitter

The transmitter is the computer with a Nacsport licence installed which will stream video & data to Coach Station. The transmitter can be a Pro Plus (only streams video) or Elite (streams video and data). 

To start streaming, we must start a real-time register and, in the following window, tick the two blank boxes “Stream Video Signal” and “Send Data to Coach Station” (this second box is only available on Nacsport Elite).


Step 2. Real-time register and data streaming

Start the real time register by clicking the red dot to record. Streaming will be enabled as well. This streaming will be assigned an IP address which can be checked in the top of the playback window. 




Step 3. Connecting both devices

Open the second computer with your Nacsport licence where Coach Station is installed. In the tab “Tools” of the main menu, select “Coach Station”. Our current Nacsport licence will temporarily turn into Coach Station.

The Coach Station interface will open. Insert the same IP address the transmitter has to link both devices.  

*Note: Transmitter and receiver must be connected to the same local network (Internet not necessary).




In order to confirm the correct connection of both devices, we can check the option “Test video stream”. This test is optional. You can go straight into “Start capture”.

Step 4. Receiving video & data into Coach Station

If the transmitter is a Pro Plus, we will only be able to receive video. However, if it’s an Elite, we can receive data too which can be reviewed in three different ways:

  1. Play by Play. Displaying a list of registers with their time, descriptors and notes. By default, the window is refreshed every 10 seconds. It can be also refreshed manually by clicking the “Refresh” icon. Click on a given register and a secondary playback window will open without leaving capture.
  2. Data matrix. This matrix will show data sent by the transmitter.
  3. Dashboards. Users can open own dashboards – these do not need to be the same ones that the transmitter is using- to read video and data. If your Nacsport licence without Coach Station is Basic, you can only open one dashboard and two dashboards if it’s a Basic Plus.