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Dual video capture

Everything you need to know about incorporating dual capture into your sports performance analysis and creating a single comprehensive analysis, using two independent video streams.

(Available in Nacsport Elite)


Deliver 2 feeds to any computer, using a GPU graphics card from suppliers like NVIDIA or INTEL.

Until now, capturing more than a single feed required expensive additional hardware. Nacsport 4.1.0 allows the use of external capture devices - such as Avermedia or IP feeds (IP cameras) at no extra cost.

Both videos are saved independently and each is automatically synced with your analysis.

Customizable visualisation during capture includes real-time playback for both angles and 3 viewing modes:
- Single angle (1 or 2)
- Multi-angle (Mosaic view)
- Picture in picture (Switch between feeds and adjust the position of second view)



Dual capture facility offers a number of options to combine different angles, including;
My camera operator feed + TV feed
My camera operator feed + Static IP Camera
Wide camera view + Close camera view

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