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Presentations - Advanced Features


Select more than one register at a time to be added to a presentation



Edit descriptors in presentation

Available in Scout Plus (& Unlimited), Pro Plus and Elite.



Modify the duration of a drawing in a presentation

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set the duration that a drawing will appear in the register within a presentation. (Available in Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus and Elite)




Produce videos from your presentations with the production options.



Import Powerpoint slides into your Presentation



Save favourite list structures

If you work with standard or fixed list structures, you will be able to save this setup as a favourite for use in future occasions and also load this structure in other presentation windows.


Favourite presentation

Make a presentation your favourite and every time you open your timeline, this presentation will be opened as well.


Create lists and presentations automatically (auto-lists and auto-presentations)

The Autolist and Autopresentation tools allow users to create lists and presentations whilst they are observing an event.

Autolist: When this property is assigned to a button in a category template, a list with all the actions registered under this parameter will be automatically created in the presentation.

Autopresentation: When this property is assigned to a template, a presentation (.pre) will be automatically created using all actions
from the video that meet the defined parameter.
These tools are available in Nacsport Elite.


Advanced presentation tools


Script of a presentation

The script of a presentatation allows you to have a PDF guide to be used and printed including a list of registers to be shown in the presentation, drawings, descriptores and notes added as well. The following video tutorial shows you how to use the new feature 


Consolidate presentation

When consolidating a presentation, you get rid of unused footage from your different videos and save only the amount of video needed, along with the presentation structure. By doing so, you can easily save and share your presentations with smaller files, 
as you don’t need all of the original footage.
This feature is only available in Nacsport Pro Plus and Elite.


Change angles in the presentation window ( Available in Nacsport Scout Plus, Pro Plus and Elite )


Group & ungroup multiple angles in presentations




Upload and view presentations in Sharimg

This feature allows users to upload and view your Nacsport presentations in the Sharimg platform.