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Data patterns

Data patterns are sequences of actions that occur repeatedly within a game. They reveal important information about the behavior of a team, their structure and tactics.


We suggest you READ THIS ARTICLE for a detailed look at the Data Patterns tool.

This new feature has been designed to recognise and present important data, rather than require users to search for it.

Data patterns cut through the noise, filter out irrelevant information and present clearly defined sequences of play according to criteria established by the analyst.

With data patterns, the more information used to describe a pattern the greater the depth of results revealed. The Data Patterns feature is designed to be compatible with 3rd party data providers such as Opta, Instat, WyScout.

Filtering depends on the user and is based on the conditional parameters created to define an action, including;
Number of repetitions
Length or depth of an information chain (the number of descriptors)
The order in which descriptors occur within a chain
Actions within a category

Saving patterns as either relevant or irrelevant will teach the system what information is important to users. Set a name for saved patterns and add as descriptors to future analysis.

Likewise, you can hide irrelevant patterns from registering, further reducing clutter and data that offers little or no value.


(Available in Nacsport Elite)