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Dashboards - Advanced Features


You can also get an overview of Nacsport Dashboards from this page on the Nacsport website

Nacsport Dashboards: Everything You Need to Know



Change grid size


Open dashboard from 'My Analysis' (Available in Scout Plus, Pro Plus & Elite).


Group buttons (for dashboards) to customise data output


Dashboards with multiple analysis (Available in Nacsport Elite)


 Edit properties of registers in dashboards ( Available in Nacsport Scout Plus, Pro Plus and Elite )



Descriptor Calculator Labels for your Dashboard

This video shows you how to add Descriptor Calculator labels into your Nacsport Dashboard. This tool can be used to automatically calculate time differences between the start/end of clips and even between descriptor times inside of a clip.




 Variable labels ( Available in Nacsport Elite )




Dashboard Variable Label and Variable Picture






Labels with last 5 actions

With this tool you will be able to show 5 labels on dashboards showing a combination of a descriptor+category represented in one colour. You can select up to 3 different options. Available in Nacsport Elite.





Dashboard example and tips




Multiple selections of items in dashboards

You will be able to select multiple items in dashboards to edit them at once. You can move them or change their size. All selected items to edit must be of the same kind (data labels cannot be edited with other labels or charts).




Dashboard backups

With this tool, you will be able to save your work prior to edit. In case you delete any item or remove a chart you didn't want to, you will be able to restore a previous edition.