Knowledge Base

Building presentations as an admin

This video will show you how to build presentation windows on Sharimg.

You will see how to edit presentations uploaded from Nacsport and also how to edit and build brand new presentations, taking clips from existing presentations, the analysis you have uploaded and the Highlights created by your team.

These features are for Admin users.


0:00 Review presentations

0:50 Playback tools

1:43 Reorder lists

1:59 Reorder registers

2:10 Sharing permissions

3:08 Edit lists

4:12 Edit registers

5:20 Send clips to an existing presentation list

6:33 Send clips to a new presentation list

7:14 Send clips to a new presentation

8:03 Send clips from analysis to presentations

9:58 Send clips from the register search tool to presentations

11:24 Create Highlights and send to presentations

12:14 Send clips from player Highlights to presentations

13:25 Important - Sharing permissions