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AP Capture Fixed Filming Solutions

AP Capture is our unique software created to work seamlessly with two high-end IP Cameras which will deliver you with high quality footage. Our mobile tripod solution will give you an elevated filming position wherever you go and our fixed solutions will make it easy to film your regular activities. Providing smooth and responsive movement patterns which you control with a joystick connected to your computer, AP Capture also records a video file of your activity in a variety of formats.

The video below shows the different fixed setups for multiple IP Cameras used at Cardiff Met Uni. All of the cameras are easily controlled using our AP Capture software.


You can see the different masts used at the University and how they are operated. We helped to get these solutions in place for the University, but IP Cameras can also easily be fixed to any existing masts, poles or floodlights for example. By using our long-span devices, we are able to power the fully outdoor compatible IP Cameras over Ethernet and without the need for fibre cabling. The Cat6 cables feed into the University network and are then controlled using AP Capture on the machines in the Performance Analysis laboratory.

The 4K IP Cameras used at Cardiff Met provide HD footage which is captured onto the machines running AP Capture as an MP4 file. By using a joystick on the machine with AP Capture, we have designed our software to provide instantly responsive smooth movement patterns. So even though the cameras are over 450 metres away from the control point, the slightest movement or zoom on the joystick results in an instant response from the camera, which can move through 360 degrees in it's dome housing.

The University have a variety of video analysis software for their students to learn on, so enabling a live analysis of the IP Camera feed is a great part of the learning process. For the software that can't natively use the IP Camera signal, converters are available to take the IP Signal into a device like the BlackMagic box.

The sample footage seen here has been compressed multiple times during the sharing and production process, so the quality you see is a lot lower than the quality of the actual video file created in the process.