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AP Capture and IP Camera Mobile Tripod Solution

This video shows our fully outdoor mobile tripod and IP Camera solution working with our AP Capture software to provide you with a high tech and future proof filming process. This easily transportable solution will allow you to get high quality footage from a perfect vantage point. The high end IP Camera (2 options available) which sits on top of the mobile tripod is controlled by a joystick connected to a laptop running our AP Capture software. In our basic set up, the laptop and joystick are housed on the laptop tray with peripheral devices stored in a compartment under the tray. We can add a wireless extension to this so that the camera can be left outside and the laptop and joystick are controlling it's movement from inside. We also offer fixed solutions if you want to permanently leave one of the IP Cameras somewhere, even if that place is up to 600 metres away from your laptop control point!



AP Capture gives you free movement patterns so that you can instantly move in any direction and use zoom at the same time. You won't have to play catch up waiting for the camera to mirror your joystick movements and you won't be restricted to movements in one direction which is normally the case with IP Camera solutions. As you control the IP Camera, you can directly capture a video file onto your computer with high quality and a great file size. This capture file can be in .mov or .asf format, with both formats simultaneously being captured at the same time if you want to!