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Sharing Nacsport Files


1. Sharing between the same operating system (PC to PC or Mac to Mac)
2. Sharing from PC to Mac or Mac to PC


Sharing between the same operating system (PC to PC or Mac to Mac)


Sharing Nacsport analysis, tagging windows, dashboards and presentations is as easy as copying and pasting files from one machine to another.

This article will remind you of the default storage locations and file types saved by Nacsport.


  • Navigate to your Documents folder.
  • Open the NAC SPORT DATA folder.


  • Open the folder with your analysis (Databases), tagging window (Categories), dashboard (Dashboard) or presentation (Pres) file.
  • Select the file you want and share it.

As a reminder, analysis files are .nac/.nacmac, tagging window files are .naccat/.maccat, dashboard files are .dashboard/.dashboardmac and presentation files are .pre/.premac



On the receiver machine, you should paste the file into the same location in the NAC SPORT DATA folder in the Documents area there.

For example, an analysis file should go into the Databases folder, a tagging window file should go into the Categories folder, a dashboard files should go into the Dashboard folder and a presentation file should go into the Pre folder.


When sending an analysis file, the receiver will need to have the same video file that was used to create the analysis. This will need to be on their machine and they can link the video file to the analysis from My Analysis when Nacsport is open. Analysis files that are not linked to a video will show as red in My Analysis. These need to be double clicked and then an option to 'Link Video' will show. Click that text and then you can choose the video file to link it to.

This article shows you how to link an analysis to a video file in more detail.


Sharing from PC to Mac or Mac to PC


Learn how to import and export your work between PC and Mac and vice versa in this video. If you are using Nacsport Pro or Nacsport Elite, you can also create and share 'Quick Share Links' to share files for Nacsport Scout machines to import.