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Tagging Actions

The videos below are divided into chapters for you to easily review and find the information you need quickly. Hover over the timeline play head at the bottom of the video and you’ll be able to see and jump between the chapters too.


Tag Video

There are three distinct methods of data collection, otherwise known as registering, in Nacsport. In this tutorial, we're going to concentrate on tagging a video file.

Basically speaking, this involves collecting data and video clips from a pre-recorded video.


Register Without a Video Source

In this tutorial, we're going to concentrate on registering without a video source. This involves collecting data live and synchronising it with a video at a later time.


Play-by-Play and the Dynamic Timeline

Discover how the Play-by-Play table and the Dynamic Timeline work. This tool allows you to keep track of your progress and edit your clips during the registering phase of your analysis.