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Exporting Data

There are six different options for exporting your analysis data to XLS format which can be used in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and other spreadsheet programs. Each spreadsheet contains your collected data but in slightly different formats. In this video, we'll look at each option and show you how they can be used.


The video below is divided into chapters for you to easily review and find the information you need quickly. Hover over the timeline play head at the bottom of the video and you’ll be able to see and jump between the chapters too.



XLS Export Options


This video runs through the different XLS export options (Format 1-5) and the reasons why each one will be best for you.

XLS Format 1 - Descriptor click time information

XLS Format 2 - Multiple descriptors inside each register

XLS Format 3 - Descriptors exported in a set column

XLS Format 4 - Clip timings and duration

XLS Format 5 - As above but with text notes exported too