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Sample Tagging Windows and Dashboards

Use this link to download some sample Nacsport Tagging windows, along with 4 Dashboard Exports that are linked to the Football, Rugby League, Rugby and Crowdcast Tagging Windows.

We also have some more advanced sample Nacsport Tagging Windows and Associated Dashboards for GAAHockey and Rugby. Please contact to request these (or click the image below to do this). We will subscribe you to our monthly performance analysis newsletter and send you the files and supporting videos on how to use them.

You can also find more sample tagging Windows and Dashboards from the Nacsport website here.






Rugby Union


Rugby League


Copy the template files into the default folder location for your Nacsport software: My Documents > NAC SPORTS DATA > Categories

With the Dashboard files, open your Dashboard menu from inside the software (editing a template, registering from file, timeline or My Analysis) and click the Import Dashboard button. Then select the file to import.

We advise that you check out the settings of the buttons in the template and feel free to edit to suit your own requirements. On some of the templates you will notice a 1st Half and 2nd Half descriptor button. The 1st Half button has a black outline around the red dot which identifies it as a Descriptor. This shows that the Descriptor has the behaviour 'Automatically added at each click'. This means that whenever you press a Category and that is active, it will always get the descriptor '1st Half' automatically added. A quick way to turn this off and activate the '2nd Half' descriptor at half time, is by right clicking the descriptor on your template and using the options to turn the behaviour on or off.