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Create a Button Template

Before looking through the different tutorial videos and information here, we recommend that you watch back our online workshop to see a start to finish process for creating and using your Template with this following link:


To understand the full template laws, including where descriptors go, the cluster laws, activation links and graphic descriptors, check out the Nacsport Template Laws Masterclass Video on this article.


10 Basic tips for your first button template


1. Pencil and paper. This is the first tip and maybe the most important one! A good template is the key to a good analysis. So list down your needs and draw your template with a pencil before creating it in the software. You can modify it as many times as necessary. Remember though, you will still be able to change anything once created or even print the screen and work over an already made template.

2. Colours & Shapes. Different colours for buttons help with easy identification. It is usual to choose different colours to distinguish teams or any other buttons under the same criteria. Also, polygons and freehand buttons ease distinction during registering (these type of buttons are only available from Basic Plus).

3. Sizes. Do not stick to just the default sizes for buttons or templates. Modify both elements to adapt them to your environment.

4. Inactive buttons. Group buttons visually with inactive buttons. For instance, one button for the attacking categories, another one for the defensive ones, and an inactive button for players’ names. You can also change the colour of these to add contrast with the background or template buttons. 

5. Chain Of Notation. If you usually register actions with the same click sequence, it will be much more efficient for you to place them in an organised position. For example, if you click like this: "action + player + good or bad + area", it is logical to place buttons in this order to make registering easier.

6. Pictures rather than words. If you want to locate your buttons on the fly, replace the names of the buttons with images. This is commonly used with players' faces.

7. Hotkeys. Regular actions can be assigned a hotkey. This is a useful way to save some clicks. You have up to 173 different combinations but just a couple of them can be enough for easier registering.

8. Grid. The grid, along with the options "Adjust button to line" and "Align selected buttons with the reference button" will give you a more ordered template.

9. Excluding Buttons. Do you want to know the possession of your team? Then use the exclusion options on your buttons:"Possession A" and "Possession B". With this option, as one button is registered, the other one stops registering automatically. Remember that you need to assign both buttons as manual mode.

10. Layers. You can place buttons in different layers. Use the options “Send to front/back” (show the pop up menu by right mouse clicking on the template). This is useful when you do not have much space and buttons are overlaid.


These first three videos will show you how to plan and create a Buttons Template in Nacsport. Each video builds on information showed in the one before it, so you should watch all three videos and in order. Underneath, you will find further tips and short videos that expand on some of the features shown in the main 3 videos.


Before looking through the different tutorial videos and information here, we recommend that you watch back our online workshop to see a start to finish process for creating and using your template with this following link:



1 - Principles of creating a template

This video will help develop your understanding of a video analysis template and the things that you should think of and consider before you start creating one.






2- Template layout and adding buttons

This video will show you how to start creating a buttons template in Nacsport. You will see how to add buttons, move, resize and change the appearance of both the buttons and the template window.






3- Button behaviours and registering actions

This video will show you how to change the behaviour of your template buttons so you can register all the actions you need. You will also see how to use the template when registering and learn more about the differences between Categories and Descriptors.





The Descriptor Law - MUST WATCH!

Take a look at this short video to best understand which clips your Descriptors will be added into. Any Active Category (a Manual Mode button turned on) and/or the Last Pressed Category (a preset time button). 

This also shows why you may see your Descriptor button counters in the template going up by more than one, as they could be adding into multiple clips at once.


Exclusion property between buttons in manual mode

Customise category buttons further with the exclusion feature when using manual mode. An action can be registered and at the same time, one or more actions can be excluded. Therefore, one or more actions cannot be registered while other actions are registered. Particularly useful for Possessions!




Resize the content of button templates and dashboards






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