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Timeline Basics

This environment contains all the registered action shown by categories ( rows ) in an intuitive Timeline in which you can modify your registers, change durations, add notes or drawings , etc. You can also make presentations or produce video to show your registers. 

Working with timeline

This video tutorial explains how to work with Nacsport's timeline and different options to handle your categories and registers.






Double click to rename categories whilst in the timeline environment



Copy a register into a category

With the Ctrl key held, drag and drop your chosen register into the new category. If you want to remove the first register, select it and press the Delete key.


Timeline filtered by colours

With the following tool, you will able to hide/show your category rows by colours. The results will be shown in the timeline and matrix.


Show/hide timeline

In order to maximize your working area during the review stage, this tool allows users to show and hide the Timeline to carry out more comfortable workflows.










For more Timeline tutorials and tips, visit the Timeline article in the Nacsport advanced section of our knowledge base here