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Exporting videos and troubleshooting

Video export options vary depending on what version of Nacsport is in use.

- 1080 Full HD production (all programs)
- Option to show or not show drawings (all programs)
- Export multiple lists as separate files (Basic Plus, Scout Plus, Pro Plus & Elite).


We always recommend that users reindex the video files they use in Nacsport. It is a quick process and can help to fix common issues that are in video files, which could cause you problems with exporting videos for example. Once you have reindexed a video file, you don't have to do it again. Watch this video to see how you can easily do that process.







Converting video for Nacsport with Handbrake

For problematic video files, we recommend converting the originals to a universal format. The tutorial video below shows you our preferred settings and how we convert using Handbreak.







Production options







Adding a logo to an exported video







Transitions for exported videos











For more tutorials and usefull articles on exporting video and other data, visit the Nacsport advanced section of our knowledge base here