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Merge Videos in Nacsport and Converting with Handbrake


1. Learn How to Merge Multiple Videos in Nacsport  
2. Converting video for Nacsport with Handbrake


Learn How to Merge Multiple Videos in Nacsport  


If you're looking to combine video footage within your Nacsport software, this step-by-step video tutorial is just what you need!

You can also use this tool to join your first-half video and Nacsport analysis to your separate second-half video and Nacsport analysis, to end up with a single full game video file and Nacsport analysis (one timeline).

Important - This tool will only work for video files that are from the same source, like a memory card from your camera. The video files need to be in the same format for this tool to work, as it doesn't apply any video conversion, but quickly stitches them together.




Converting video for Nacsport with Handbrake


The tutorial video below shows some simple video conversion settings that AnalysisPro recommends you can use when working with Handbrake.

Download Handbrake here: