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Matrix - Advanced Features


Dynamic matrix (review based on time periods)

Users will be able to view the matrix of a certain period within an event. For instance, a matrix from minutes 15 to 25 of an event. (Available in Nacsport Scout Plus, Pro Plus and Elite)



Multiple matrix

Users will be able to create a multiple matrix with registers from different events. For instance, all matches from a season.

(Available in Nacsport Scout Plus, Nacsport Pro Plus and Nacsport Elite)

In Nacsport Scout Plus, users will be able to open up to 5 databases together in the matrix. In Nacsport Pro Plus and Nacsport Elite, unlimited databases.





Submatrix (matrix from another matrix)

The Submatrix tool lets you compare descriptors against each other within a category.



Custom matrix

Create a matrix only showing what you need. You are able to save this structure for future occasions. Example: Create a matrix for attacking actions which will only include categories and descriptors from your database which are related to offensive actions.  (available in Nacsport Pro Plus and Elite)




Descriptor combination in the matrix

Add or filter descriptors in the matrix to get more accurate results in a faster and easier way.

(Available in Nacsport Elite)