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How to use KlipDraw Basic

KlipDraw is the perfect tool to spotlight your messages through videos. An intuitive, easy and affordable software to share your ideas. You select your videos, draw on frames... and export it! And that's it! 

The tutorial videos in this article teach you how to use the KlipDraw telestration tools. The same principles apply when using these tools in the KlipDraw software or KlipDraw palette in Nacsport.

How it Works

1. Select a video file to work with. KlipDraw supports 16 different file types including the most common ones. 

2. Make a clip by clicking and dragging on the timeline with your mouse, then draw. Set the start and end points for your clip and draw on it by using the wide range of tools available. 

3. …and export it! Export an independent mp4 clip with the selected clips and drawings made on it.





KlipDraw Basic: Arrows, Lines & Shapes

Standard drawing tools including lines (full and dashed ones), arrows and shapes (polygons and editable shapes) to show common ideas.



KlipDraw Basic: 3D Arrows

Design three-dimensional arrows to represent your ideas in a very professional and appealing way.



KlipDraw Basic: 3D Circles

Mark people or figures with 3D circles used as bases. You can draw linked circles to show continuity or a sequence of movements.



KlipDraw Basic: Highlight

The Highlight tool focuses attention by darkening the rest of the frame.



KlipDraw Basic: Spotlight

The Spotlight tool simulates a coloured beam of light to illuminate a specific area.



KlipDraw Basic: Magnifiers

The are two magnifiers. The Magnifier zooms into a specific area and the Highlighted Magnifier mixes zooming an area and darkening the rest of the frame.



KlipDraw Basic: Text Boxes

Create and display text boxes and labels on your videos to supplement them with more information.



KlipDraw Basic: Vision Angle

This tool creates a visual representation of a person's, or camera's vision range.



KlipDraw Basic: Measurements

You can measure both distances and angles in your work area.



KlipDraw Basic: Object Mover

Extract elements from the original video and move them into another place. The Object Mover tool is also useful to draw lines passing behind elements on a frame. It's important that your first click point is over the main background colour, like the green of a football pitch for example.