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Using AP Packager

This program runs on your PC or Mac and is required to use AP Viewer. When you purchase AP Viewer licences for your team or organisation, these will be associated with your AP Packager program. Your users can then download AP Viewer onto their iPad for free and register that device with a username. Once you have that detail, you will use AP Packager to assign one of your licences to that registered iPad. When you add a licence, you choose whether you want that licence to run continually or if you want it to deactivate on a certain date. The ability to add a deactivation date and also delete a licence from a registered iPad ensures that your data can only be accessed by the people you need to have it. So for example if you have a player with AP Viewer on their iPad who then leaves, once you delete the licence associated with that iPad from AP Packager, that player will no longer be able to access the footage and data.

Along with being your program for licence management, you use AP Packager to prepare your footage packages for transfer onto registered iPads. After placing your XML file and associated video into a folder, you then need to drop this onto AP Packager to licence it for use with your AP Viewers. Once the package is licensed, you can then transfer it over to your iPads through iTunes. This process ensures that you don't need to have all iPads coming to one computer for a physical transfer, as the licensed package can now be transferred through any computer with iTunes.

We also have an AP Content Creator which gives you the package preparation capabilities but not the licence control management. So in an organisation where you want different people creating and preparing packages, as long as you have one AP Packager, you can then supplement this with additional AP Content Creators.


This video shows you how to download and register AP Viewer. After registering the app, you will see how to licence it and control multiple licences through the AP Packager Application.
To use AP Viewer, all you need is an XML file and source movie from your timeline video analysis software to put into the creators app on your Mac/PC so that you can distribute out to your team's iPads.