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What is AP Viewer

AP Viewer is an iPad app we created to directly answer the call of professional analysts at the forefront of performance. A timeline and matrix are two hugely powerful mechanisms to use for reviewing peformance, so we created an app that will give users the ability to review this data and the associated video wherever they are in the world. The app was initially field tested by the Welsh Rugby Union and Head Analyst Rhys Long during their Championship winning 2013 Six Nations tournament. All the players and coaches had the app, which enabled Rhys and his team to transfer analysed match and training footage onto their personal iPads for review and feedback sessions in many different environments.

After the successful field testing in that tournament (we still count on the WRU as AP Viewer users), Rhys was again appointed as Head Analyst for the successful 2013 British and Irish Lions tour and chose to get all of the players and coaches using AP Viewer for their video analysis processes on that tour. We are thrilled to be able to count upon the WRU and Lions as successful users of AP Viewer, which we released to the public at the end of the Lions tour. Since that time, we have had a growing amount of users join the AP Viewer community from a range of sports and different settings.


A universal language used in many timeline based products and services is an XML file. AP Viewer uses this file and associated videos to display timeline and matrix data on an iPad, so you can use our app if you have any of the following products or services:


AP Viewer is focussed on giving the user access to the clips they want to review. So by having a recognisable layout of either a timeline or matrix to see the breakdown of your footage, you just need to tap on your selection from either area to start viewing those clips. AP Viewer has also the capability to show up to four different video angles of your footage if you choose to import that. When viewing the footage, you have tools to play/pause, skip between clips and use a jog shuffle to get to the key parts of that clip. As each clip plays, you will see the Category and Descriptor information associated with that moment.

One of the more recent features added to AP Viewer also allows the user to utilise a drawing tool for highlighting key points. This has become really useful for the coaches and analysts who use AP Viewer to present feedback sessions out on the pitch or when connecting their iPad to a large screen. This following video will give you a brief look at AP Viewer in action.