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Shortcut Keys

This article lists shortcuts that you can use with Nacsport. The full list of keyboard shortcuts can be found below. We recommend that you save and print out this picture to keep the guide to hand.

Shortcut keys









This shortcut shows all opened windows. If you close Nacsport with one or several windows on a secondary monitor or projector, those windows will not be shown if you open again without connecting the secondary monitor or projector. This combination of keys fixes this problem.


Playback, registering and timeline

Spacebar = Play/pause.

V = Fast rewind (press again for different speeds).

B = Fast forward (press again for different speeds).

N = Frame back (hold press to play frame by frame).

M = Frame forward (hold press to play frame by frame).

Shift + Enter = Full screen video playback.

Esc = Exit full screen view.

(Left and right arrow) = Short jump through video with configurable time.

(Up and down arrow) = Medium jump through video with configurable time.

(Shift + left and right arrow) = Long jump through video with configurable time.

Esc = Turns off Manual Mode buttons that are registering.

Shift + Esc = Stops and deletes Manual Mode buttons that are registering.

Ctrl = Open independent text notes window when registering.

1 = Skip to previous register.

2 = Skip to next register.

3 = Send to selected list in presentation.

R = Replay register from start.

L = Continue playback.

A = Move to next row.

Q = Move to previous row.

I = Set a selected register’s Start Time (IN).

O = Set a selected register’s End Time (OUT).

S = Make movie for selected registers.

D = Drawing.

C = Create register.

Shift + C = Make a new row (blank or with selected registers).

Del = Delete selected registers (a backup is created).

Ctrl + Del = Delete selected rows and all the registers in the rows (a backup is created).

Shift + O = Create opposite values row from selected rows.

Shift + T = Select the whole timeline.

Ctrl + C = Change colour of selected rows.

Ctrl + F = Merge overlapped registers.

Ctrl + M = Merge selected rows.

Alt + D = Option to remove all descriptors from selected rows.

Ctrl + T = Show/hide timeline.

Ctrl + O = Opens timeline order window.

W = Open the matrix.

ESC = Close the Matrix.

Shift + P = Bring all Nacsport windows to the top left of your screen.



Click & drag = Move selected buttons.

Hold Alt + Click & drag bottom right corner of a button = Change size of a button.

Hold Ctrl + Click = Select multiple buttons individually.

Click & drag on background = Select multiple buttons at once.

Ctrl + Z = Undo changes.

Double click = Create a category button.

Ctrl + double click = Create a descriptor button.


Main Menu

ESC = Close Nacsport.

L = Opens the last Timeline used.

P = Open Presentations.

Shift + P = Open last used presentation.

1 = Real time register.

2 = Register without video source.

3 = Register from file.

M = Open My Analysis.

ESC = Close My Analysis.

Ctrl + N = Create new template.

Ctrl + C = Open video comparisons.

Ctrl + P = Open video player.

Ctrl + H = Open merge and convert.

Ctrl + Q = Open quick merge videos.

Ctrl + O = Open options.

Ctrl + U = Check for updates.

Ctrl + L = Open licence admin.

Ctrl + W = Open about page.

F12 = Remote support.

F1 = Manual.

F2 = Video tutorials.

F3 = Open website.


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