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How to measure possession with Nacsport?


Ball possession has as many supporters as opponents, but it is undeniable that measuring this parameter is a significant detail when it comes to sports analysis. We are not taking any part on this debate, but we do assume it is really important to calculate this, so we have created this blog to show you how to find out possession with Nacsport.

We must first clarify this feature is available in all Nacsport programs, from Basic to Elite. The only limitation you would find is to have enough buttons to create these new ones. Remember you cannot create more than 25 buttons in Basic and 50 in Basic Plus. To measure possession, you would need a minimum of two but our ideal is three buttons to be more precise.



These are the steps you must follow:

1. Create buttons. Edit your template by creating new buttons. “Team A” and “Team B” are the minimum. Yet, we understand a third button named “No possession” can allow us to find the real data we are looking for but it’s up to you.

2. Assign manual behavior. Switch these buttons’ behavior to manual ones. 

3. Exclusions. Select each of the buttons and enable the exclusion mode. That is, if you select “Team A” button, exclude “Team B” and “No possession”.

4. Create charts on dashboards. Create a dashboard with one or two charts showing the results. We can find out possession in time (minutes and seconds) and percentage. 

In the following tutorial, we show you these steps in a visual way so you can learn how to carry out this process easily. 



Can be used in any sport?

This video tutorial is made with a football example, but this feature can be used by any sport which has ball possession: hockey, basketball, rugby…

Can I remove the “No possession” button?

Of course, you can. With the “No possession” button you will determine how long the ball will be out of bounds or not belonging to any team. In this football example, we understood this data was important as in this sport there is a considerable part of the time with the ball not played. But this will depend on your sport and your needs.

Do I need an exclusive template to get this data?

No, you don’t. These buttons can be created in any template you have already ready, as far as you have buttons available to create. We’ve made this video tutorial only with these buttons to be clearer for you to understand.