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Disable and enable licences

It’s common among sports coaches or analysts to work with more than one computer. In this scenario, many customers ask if they are able to run their Nacsport video analysis software on different computers. The answer is ‘yes’, but you cannot do it at the same time. You must disable the license in one computer before you can enable it on another one.


Remember that your work is saved locally on your machine. Analysis, databases, templates, presentations and all the information you save will be stored in the NAC SPORT DATA folder, which is inside “My documents” or the “Documents” folder within your computer.This means that if you are changing to another computer, the work you have already saved in one computer is not automatically available in other computers. If you wish to carry on with this same work on other computer, you must access the NAC SPORT DATA folder then copy your files onto the new computer. ( please see related article for a guide on the process )


This video tip will show you how to disable and enable your Nacsport licence to be used in another computer. Remember that you will need of an Internet connection. It will take only a couple of seconds to carry out this process.