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Welcome to Nacsport Hub

Nacsport Hub is an online and interactive platform to enhance communication and understanding. You can exchange videos, analysis, presentations and enable others to create clips within your community. The perfect accompaniment to the Nacsport video analysis software.


Read this useful overview post about the Hub and what you can do on it.



What is Hub? Nacsport Hub is an online platform designed with two objectives in mind:


It allows you to upload your work to the cloud (videos, analyses, presentations and documents) to a private and secure online space from where it can be shared with every member of your team.

It is designed to improve communication throughout your team with a series of tools for everyone.


The highlight of these tools is the Team Channel, which acts as a private social media where anyone can post videos and other content and receive feedback via comments and interactions.


For more information about Hub, check out these pages:

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If you would like to try Hub, you can do so via this link: