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Live video capture

Real-Time register is the environment where videos can be viewed from an external source ( video camera, video converter, etc. ) connected to the computer. While a video file is being created a user can use a category template to register actions.

Both video and actions register are created simultaneously. At the end of the event, users will have all the actions in a timeline, where they can be easily analyzed and managed.


HDMI 1080p Real Time capture using AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 

AverMedia devices give users HDMI 1080p Real-Time Capture with Nacsport. These video digitizers connect your camera to your computer.




- 1080p HDMI input and Colour Components.

- USB2 connection, no need to have USB3 (unlike a BlackMagic).

- USB Powered, no need for an extra power source. 100% portable.

- Hardware does the MP4 Compression, no need for high CPU requirement.

- Easy to find in the market at any big tech shop or online.

- Cheaper than any other HDMI capture device.

- Option to capture to SD Memory card from camera to MP4 in a single file. PC free mode (not available with LGP Lite). 


Getting ready to use

1. Download and install the “Windows Application and Driver” from the Avermedia website.

2. After installation, connect your device to the PC and wait for the device light to turn solid blue.

3. Download the “Windows Firmware” from the link above and update your device with it.


Connecting a camera with HDMI output

1. Make sure the small switch on the device is in PC mode.



2. Connect your camera’s HDMI Output to the AverMedia HDMI Input.



When you have your video device connected, proceed to set up a capture in nacsport.




In situations where you would like to share your analysis workload and have analysts registering different aspects of your event at the same time, multiple live captures are possible by daisy chaining multiple AVerMedia capture devices with HDMI leads.








For more tutorials on live video capture, registering from existing video files and  registering without a video source, visit the Nacsport advanced section of our knowledge base here