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Storage and organisation of your data in Nacsport

Unless you decide otherwise, all your Nacsport data will be stored in a folder named “NAC SPORT DATA” by default, which is in the ‘Documents’ folder of your computer. In the following articles, we will try to explain the most important folders within this structure.

We recommend you store the different elements in your analysis in these folders, except videos. By doing so, you will have a better organization of your work and it will be much easier for sharing too. There are four main folders:

• Databases Nacsport. This folder contains all the analysis made in Nacsport. It is divided into two other folders. “My DBs” (contains all your analysis) and “Samples” (has different examples we have made for you).

Note: Analysis (databases) have the .nac file extension. They do not include videos.

• Pres. Presentations you create will go into this folder.

Note: Presentations have the .pre file extension. However, if you own Basic or Basic Plus, presentations will be associated to your analysis. For this reason, you must share them in the corresponding menu option (picture attached). 

• Categories. The templates you create will go into this folder. There is another folder inside which is named “SampleCat”, with examples for different sports. You can edit and adapt them according to your needs.

Note: Buttons templates have the .naccat file extension.

• Videos. Can be used to store videos. However, our experiences with other users tell us that performance analysts prefer to store their videos on external hard drives to save space, so it’s up to you!

These are the four basic folders in the NAC SPORT DATA structure. But not the only ones. Nacsport can create new folders as you start working with new environments in the software (dashboards, matrices, searches, etc.). There are also specific folders depending on which version you are using (Elite has folders Basic does not have).

For example, all programs have Dashboards. When you create your first dashboard, then a folder named “Dashboard” will be created inside the structure, containing a single file (dash.board), which contains all of your dashboards.

Can I change the default folders?

Yes, of course. There are two ways of doing this: 

Go to the main menu and then press “Tools/Options/Storage folders”. You can select new folders of where to save the different items in your analysis. You can also return to the “default” folders mentioned above.


You can also open this menu window when clicking the Settings icon in the menu you will find in the “My Analysis” section.

How can the structure be copied?

If you want to move your structure to an external hard drive or you want to copy it into another computer, then you must copy all the folders in the NAC SPORT DATA folder, except the CONFIG folder. This one contains exclusive information from your personal computer and can provoke conflicts in the destination computer.


Where are my databases being saved?

After setting a new storage location, your favorite location for new databases to save to will still be set to the default location in Documents. To change this, open Nacsport and go to 'My Analysis'.

Notice an icon in the top left of the window that looks like a folder with a star in the middle. Use the folder tree on the left to navigate to the folder you wish to use for new databases to save to, highlight it and then click the folder icon to set this as your favorite location for new databases to be saved to. The video below


In the video's below Bradley shows you the Nacsport folder structure and how to access your data. He also gives you tips on saving, filing and finding your analysis for next time i.e. naming each folder in the YYMMDD format allows you to easily use the search tool to find a specific game and open it for review!

















What happens with my videos?

As stated below, analysis, presentations and any other elements in the structure do not contain video. You must copy the videos from their original path and past them in the destination path. 

Once you have made this action, you have two options: (a) if the videos are in the same folder that the analysis or presentation file is in, then Nacsport will automatically link the videos to the analysis/presentation or (b) you must link them manually in the “My Analysis” or presentation window environment.

How can I share templates, analysis, and presentations with others? 

The file locations taught above show you where to find files that you can share. When sending a template, you just need to email the .naccat file. When sharing your Database (timeline), you just need to share the .nac file. If the person you are sending to doesn't already have the video that the analysis links to, you will need to send that separately. This is the same case for when sharing a presentation file, as somebody receiving it will need the video files that are linked in the presentation. The presentation file will be a .pre.

For the Nacsport users that are receiving these files, they just need to copy them into their default folder locations for templates, databases, and presentations so that they can use and open them.